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Punisher destroys The Red Hood easy in a gunfight. The Punisher vs. While, not really. The two shots from the handguns had landed, but Frank had tanked them. Oct 6, 2018. The explosion cleared, and Frank saw his two handguns, burned to a crisp. Frank took out a knife and slashed the two handguns out of Jason's hands as Batman's former partner took his twin katanas out and slashed at him repeatedly, but he missed, until the very last swing went he cut him in the stomach. Report. Marvel's Hulk Vs. SHOW MORE SHOW LESS. The two pull out their guns once again and run left and right around the area, continuing to shoot at each other, but their bullets collide once again. Frank Castle was a Marine, trained to kill from the beginning. Who does a better job cleaning up criminals? Brutal: Punisher. TristanHartup Hobbyist General Artist. Browse more videos. Darkvader2016 Hobbyist Artist. Writer NEXT: Punisher Villains Ranked: The 10 Worst Frank Castle Ever Faced. Two characters who seem to have lost everything and will not think second about killing anyone that gets in their way fighting each other in an all out Beat Down to prove who is the number one killing machine. R2: 616 Punisher vs PC Red Hood: Battle takes place in the middle of a park, both have standard gear and are bloodlusted. But the ultimate crime fighter had been defeated. Episode guide Next His entire life is about taking revenge for his family. Nov 29, 2018 - Explore ORACLE-SHENKU's board "Punisher & Red Hood", followed by 250 people on Pinterest. braz. Punisher vs. Red Hood collab. RELATED: 5 Red Hood Costumes We Love (And 5 We Hate). Who would win in a fight, the Punisher (616 universe) vs. the Red Hood (New 52)? Reply. RELATED: Punisher Vs Red Hood: ... RELATED: The Punisher Vs. Marvel VS DC! Please click the “Report” button below if the video on this page is not working properly. Punisher would take all rounds because he has a better arsenal and is one of the best fighters in the marvel univerese (inb4 "but trained by batman yo", just because you're trained by Batman doesn't mean your as good as him, especially in Jason's case). He would eventually return to the Batman family and mostly change his murderous ways... mostly. Some call them anti-heroes, choosing to spare the lives of "good guys" while delivering lethal doses of vigilante justice, No warning, no prep as they both are randomly whisked away by the GrandMaster, while . They both shot, and this time, one got shot and one survived. Punisher vs Red Hood. Jonathan. He would return to Gotham a changed man and wage a new war on crime in his own way. 2 The Punisher walked up the staircase to the top of the building and walked over to Batman's corpse, ready to grab it and bury it. These things forged him into something new, a man who lived for the violence because it was all he had left. Director 6 months ago | 10 views. Who would win in a fight between PUNISHER vs RED HOOD - Super Power Beat Down. Red Hood has fought a lot of guys with guns, but never one like the Punisher. Punisher, on the other hand, is not about to fistfight some dude. Both had been shot ny the gun, but only one of the two had been able to survive. Red Hood doesn't have a problem with killing, but it's not his go-to, at least not anymore. Schooled both you fools. Savage: Depending on definition of savage, either Punisher or Rorschach. OmgOmgWtfWtf. But Frank rolls a grenade towards Red Hood as he kicks him in the left leg and rolls out of the way out of the grenade, which explodes, with Red Hood caught in the blast. The Punisher has survived engagements that would kill lesser men, but he keeps coming back and winning. "Well, I'm afraid that's classified knowledge!". Been done. Become a Supporter today and help make this dream a reality! Frank looked behind him and noticed a tall, skinny man standing by the door. 616 vs. New 52. When he came home, he became a cop and put himself right in the way of the mob, putting himself in danger. Who would win in a fight between Red Hood doesn't have a problem with killing, but it's not his go-to, at least not anymore. They kept on shooting once again, with not a single bullet hitting a body. Marvel vs DC XVIII Re-Matchup: Punisher vs Red Hood; User Info: MonkeyTeeth. CallMeKnuckles they both shoot at each other. Red Hood does a backflip kicking the punisher. While Red Hood had training at the hands of Batman, Frank Castle had training at the hands of Captain America, in addition to multiple tours through Boot Camp and special forces training. Jason thrusted the katana back, ready to finish him off with a stab. 60 seconds! 1. Damborgson. Forum Posts. 97% Upvoted. Punisher fired directly at Red Hood’s forehead. So, someone correct me if I get something wrong. Episode No research! Red Hood would probably win in a fight, as he has the best skills, weaponry, and armor. He aims his knife towards Punisher's face, ready to slash him apart. He was able to stay one step ahead of Batman for a long time, keeping his identity a secret and avoiding capture. Punisher kills red riding hood. 9/23/16 He would take over gangs in Gotham and pursue a war on crime on his own terms, ones his former mentor didn't agree with. Help me understand the new Punisher vs Red Hood video from Super Power Beatdown. Hand 2 Hand 2. Probably. Red Hood sprinted at Punisher and they went back to close combat. That danger would eventually catch up to him, costing him his family. byrdgang21. Punisher VS Red hood - (Marvel VS Dc comics) Share. The same property of the gems that helped the Hood collect them caused his downfall, as the Reality Gem left him in favor to being reunited with the rest, in the Infinity Gauntlet possessed by Iron Man. Punisher VS Red Hood is an upcoming DBX. They ran forward and punched each other, bug their fists collided. Red Hood got up and tried to punch Punisher, but Punisher ducked the punch and kneed Red Hood in the stomach. There are few out there who can do what he does and that's one of the reasons he does it- so no one else has to. He sprayed it, and soon The Punisher was laughing with him. But Frank notices him in the crack and kicks the door open, slamming him clean in the face and sending him down the many stairs, as Punisher continuously kicks him down each and every set of stairs. Jason 7/10. Brutal: Punisher. When Punisher kills a bunch of criminals, he takes the money he finds and uses it to buy more weapons. share. 1 I'll give Hood the advantage in hth battle. ok, the fights in Gotham, no prep, all have standard equipment. 3:57 . People overestimate guns when it comes to Punisher. Heroes like Batman, Spider-Man, and Superman don't kill their enemies, regardless of the terrible things they've done. Red Hood finally slammed onto the floor of a large,, bright area covered in white. Punisher, on the other hand, is not about to fistfight some dude. Respect? Punisher VS Red hood fight animation. Hood is probably quicker and more agile, but Frank is likely stronger and tougher. Robin was here to avenge his teamate's death and ran at Red Hood. So, a little while back, I posted a topic for FJ to discuss, mainly, Galactus vs. STTGL, well, I've been reading a lot of Punisher Max re Round 2b.) For Injustice 2 on the PlayStation 4, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Punisher vs Red Hood" - Page 5. The two fought for control of the vehicle, diving around the streets and putting many citizens in danger. Jason was determined to find Bruce's killer, but as he viewed the deceased Batman, a man kicked the door hard against the stairway. He brought his knife up just in time. KMC Forums > Comic Book Forums > Comic Book 'Versus' Forum > Batman and The Punisher vs Red Hood and Nightwing. For a while, it made him embrace a life of crime and revenge but even once he came back to the side of angels, he was still a different man, more brutal than before. Uploaded July 15, 2014. Red Hood vs. Punisher. This might not seem like a big deal, but Daredevil is mysteriously OP, owning wins over guys like Hercules, Spider-Man, Wolverine, Beast, and loads more people who he shouldn't be able to even hurt. June 11. Follow 7513. He felt at home in the chaos of war. Red Hood would probably win in a fight, as he has the best skills, weaponry, and armor. He had thought that Batman would take revenge on the Joker for his death and when he learned that he didn't, it hurt him. Joker beat him with a crowbar and left him for dead in a building rigged to explode. 08-27-2014, 02:00 PM. Red Hood is great at what he does, but what he does and what Punisher does are two different things. Team up? He got used to explosions and losing his friends. "You enjoy killing, it seems. Meet each other in the street and decide they don't like each others guts, they both have their usual set-up. After his resurrection, he remembered his death, all the pain and terror. They ran forward once again, but Jason managed to score a kick in his stomach. But Frank rolls a grenade towards Red Hood as he kicks him in the left leg and rolls out of the way out of the grenade, which explodes, with Red Hood caught in the blast. Well, all crime must be punished." Frank. Previous The terror became a part of him. 00:00 00:00 Newgrounds. It takes a formidable man to be able not only outsmart Batman but fight him to a standstill. Red Hood uppercut Punisher, but Punisher head-butted him. Punisher's war against crime has put him at odds with a lot of superheroes and he's done fairly well against them. A one-stop shop for all things video games. 4246. Red Hood vs. Punisher. Jason eventually ran out the front door, as Punisher waited for him in the vehicle. Punisher is coming to Gotham to take Red Hood out, Red Hood has 3 days to prepare - what happens? Will Punisher land the killing blow or will he be shot down by the Red Hood? (Chris Redfield's Theme - Marvel VS Capcom 3). Punisher kills red riding hood. Two characters who seem to have lost everything and will not think second about killing anyone that gets in their way fighting each other in an all out … Upon his return to life, Jason Todd was not a happy man. But someone walks through the door: Jason Todd, no longer wearing the red hood but holding the burnt hood in his hand before throwing it to the side. Sin I AM. Protect Yourself - Get Self Defense Tools Here WATCH CAPTAIN AMERICA vs MASTER CHIEF PURCHASE THE MUSIC HERE like us on facebook: vote online for CASEY JONES vs KICK-ASS follow us on twitter: PUNISHER vs RED HOOD Directed by His body armor in pre 52 can tank a lot more than what Punisher can dish out. Text-only Version: Click HERE to see this thread with all of the graphics, features, and links. It’s in … He basically has a weapon for every situation and he's deadly with all of them. After his resurrection in a Lazarus Pit, Talia al Ghul took Jason in, helping him with the insanity that the Lazarus Pit engenders in those it resurrects. byrdgang21. The deed was done. Punisher walked up the staircase back to the top of the building where it all started. Badass: Again depending on definition, but I’d say Red Hood. A bullet went through batman's head as he slumped to the floor lifeless. Followers. He has a wide variety of pistols, rifles, shotguns, machine guns, submachine guns, all kinds of explosives, and knives. Login / Sign Up. Full Arsenal. Both shots hit. Because of Marvel's sliding time scale Frank Castle no longer fought in Vietnam, but the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. 6 months ago | 10 views. The Punisher took out a machine gun and aimed it towards Hood. Report this video! Daredevil: Who Would Win? Red Hood took the Punisher’s tightening grip on his gun as an answer. Most bad-ass one-liner, snark-off or what-ever.

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